May 2020 Chiropractic Newsletter

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Runners

Are you a casual runner, someone who starts each day with a jog? Or perhaps a marathon runner, training for your next big 30k? Whatever type of runner you classify yourself, it’s important that you keep your body ready for the kind of running you love to do. Unexpected injuries may result in lengthy healing times, keeping you from your normal running regimen. Many runners turn to chiropractors for a holistic approach to prevent and treat injuries.

Chiropractors work on the musculoskeletal system. They carefully manipulate limbs and joints for improved range-of-motion and decreased discomfort. This drug-free alternative treatment is sought out by many runners all over the world. Runners partake in chiropractic care for many reasons, including injury rehabilitation, treating neck or back pain, and ensuring their bodies function normally. There are actually three major benefits of chiropractic care for runners, in which runners report improvement to their overall running performance.

Improving Alignment

Running is an activity that has a high impact on the body. If your body is misaligned, it directly translates to each run. Running on misaligned hips, for example, causes an uneven stride and increases your risk of injury. A misaligned body also makes overall functionality suffer, preventing you from hitting your desired running goals. Visiting your trusted chiropractor for routine adjustments will help even out your stride, allowing your body to better handle the impact of pavement or the treadmill.

Injury Treatment

Perhaps your body has been misaligned for a while and you’ve unfortunately suffered an injury because of it. Whether you are experiencing pain in your feet, shoulders, back, knees, or maybe you have a pinched nerve, your trusted chiropractor will help. Through careful manipulation, your chiropractor will restore your body to better functionality and ease your pain. Don’t wait though, you must seek treatment as soon as possible!

Preventing Injury

Runners experience injuries due to overusing their bodies. Some of these ailments include shin splints, heel spurs, and ankle sprains. Runners must wear shoes with proper support so that the rest of their body can stay in proper alignment without overcompensating. Routine chiropractic adjustments also help keep the body in proper alignment, thus reducing the potential for injury. Your chiropractor will correct your form, which in turn helps you strengthen your muscles while improving your running ability. Visiting your chiropractor regularly will also help catch potential injuries before they become worse.

Contact our office today if you are a runner interested in beginning chiropractic care. We will either get you on a treatment plan or started on a chiropractic regimen to help prevent future injuries.

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